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“Whether it has been supporting the needs of my family or the needs of the families and children we serve, 孩子的朋友 has been a stable, supportive place in our lives.” -维罗妮卡·李斯特,LICSW, Director of Adoption and 家庭服务s

Adoption and 家庭服务s Program

孩子的朋友 became the first adoption agency in central Massachusetts in the 1850’s. We’re proud that we’re still helping to bring families together more than 150 years later. Our licensed Adoption and 家庭服务s program provides adoption-related services including:

1. Prepare and train families wanting to adopt through the foster care system.

Steps to Becoming an Adoptive Parent:

  • 调查 – Discuss with a social worker your interest in becoming an adoptive parent. We will answer any questions you have and will help you get started.
  • 应用程序 – A social worker will send you an application form or, upon your request, will visit your home. Complete the form and return it to the agency or office you have chosen.
  • 安全检查- Background record checks are completed. Your home must pass physical standards. We seek to ensure that your household is a safe environment for placing a child.
  • Massachusetts Approach to Partnership in Parenting (MAPP) training – You will be invited to attend a training program. You will learn about the needs of our waiting children. The training covers topics such as communication, 建立自尊, child guidance and understanding behaviors. For a current list of training sessions contact Sue Uryasz at 508.753.5425 or suryasz@childrensfriend.org.
  • 国内的研究 – A social worker will visit your home, interview your family members and will request personal references from you. Applicants complete fingerprint checks. Following the visits and reference checks, the social worker prepares a home study document. This document details your family strengths.  It will also identify the type of child who is the best fit for your family.
  • 许可证 – Once your home study has been completed and approved, your family becomes licensed.
  • 放置 – 放置 decisions are based on the ability of your family to meet the needs of a particular child or sibling group.

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2. 搜寻被收养者, 养父母, and birth parents whose adoptions were completed at 孩子的朋友.

We provide adoptees with non-identifying information about their birth families, and search for their birth parents when requested. This same service is provided to birth parents.

3. The Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

The program provides a safe and structured setting where children, 养父母 or guardians, and birth families come together with one goal: for children to know the love of their families. Sharing time together reinforces important family ties when children cannot live with their birth families. The children we serve are in adoptive homes or under legal guardianship. Our program is unique because we offer:

  • Face-to-face contact between children, birth parents, and adoptive families or guardians.
  • Facilitation by licensed therapists.
  • 含义就是活动.
  • 舒适的环境.



Meet some of the children/teens in the custody of Massachusetts DCF, 谁有收养的目标, and are waiting to become part of a loving family:


505 Pleasant Street Worcester, MA 01609

联系Veronica Listerud

电话: 508.796.0154
小时: Three MAAP Training groups per year (10 consecutive weeks each)
电子邮件: vlisterud@childrensfriend.org


Have you ever thought about adopting or growing your family? There are many children in the DCF custody who need a permanent home. They range in age from infant to 17 years old. To inquire or start the process, please call: Veronica Listerud 508.796.0154.

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